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Chatak has powerful drones that farmers can deploy to speed up and automate manual processes.

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Crop Analysis

Drone monitoring systems help the farmers by observing the aerial views of the harvest. This gives information related to the water system, soil variety, pests, and fungal infestations.The crop images collected by the drones have information in the range of infrared and visual spectra.

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Advantages of Drone over Traditional Method

➤ Traditional Spraying


➤ Drone Spraying

➤ Traditional Spraying

Time consuming

Takes 4-5 hours for spraying

Water wastage

Uses 150-200 litres of water per acre


Effectiveness of Spraying is 60%


Wastage of inputs, soil, time & water


Uncontrolled spraying damages the environment

Droplet Size

450-500 Micron & Precise


Risk to health

➤ Drone Spraying


Spray 1 acre in 8-10 minutes

Low Water

Uses 8-10 litres of water with medicine


95% Efficient Spraying


Agro Inputs by 25% - 40%, Time & Water


Helps to maintain soil fertility

Droplet Size

100-200 Micron Uniform & Precise/p>


No direct exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

What is Crop Analysis?

1) Crop Health Assessment:
This involves using multispectral or thermal imaging to assess the overall health of crops. The images captured by drones can be used to identify areas of stress, such as pest damage, disease, or water stress.

2) Irrigation Management:
This involves using drones equipped with multispectral or thermal imaging to assess soil moisture levels and identify areas that may require irrigation.

3) Field Mapping:
It is a process of using drones to create detailed maps of fields, which can be used for tasks such as crop planning and record keeping.

4) Crop Scouting:
Our drones are used to survey large areas of crops, looking for issues such as pests, diseases, or irrigation problems.

5) Crop Stress Analysis:
This involves using drones equipped with multispectral or thermal imaging to assess the health of crops and identify areas of stress, such as water stress, nutrient deficiencies, or disease.

6) Precision Agriculture:
With the use of drone technology we focus on the use of inputs such as water, fertilizer, and pesticides, based on the specific needs of each crop and each area within a field.

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