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A New Way Of Efficient Agriculture Spraying

Introducing the Chatak CADTech drone which is designed to perform the agricultural field operations with precision.

CADTech is is equipped with high flow spraying nozzles that allow the even distribution of the droplets on the field. The drone comes with autopilot features and a carbon fibre body which allows uniform spraying and durability in the harshest conditions.

Maximum take-off Weight: 24.9Kg

Maximum Flight Height: 30m

Endurance: 16 minutes

Spraying Width: 3 to 4 meter

Flow Rate of Nozzle: 1.2 to 1.3 LPM (Adjustable)

Tank Capacity: 10L

LIPO Battery: 16000 mAH,15C

Time to Spray 1 Acre: 5 mins


➤ Maximum Range: 1000 meters

➤ Maximum Altitude: 30 meters

➤ Maximum Speed: 10 m/s

➤ Endurance: 16 minutes

Key Accessories


As a new generation flagship flight controller system, K++V2 integrates the advantages of the classic flight controller K3A, and strengthens compatibility and multiple redundancy schemes to form a redundant control system with superior performance, strong reliability and effective guarantee forwork safety.


The Brushless water pump is approximately 3-5 times the life of an ordinary water pump. It can be used for more than 500 hours without pump damage, frequent replacement and any delay in operations. This helps to reduce after-sales repair and replacement costs.

Spraying Nozzle

The high pressure agricultural spraying nozzle is for agricultural UAV. This water-saving nozzle not only helps improve the efficiency of spraying but also releases the pesticides in right quantities at the same time. It is suitable for 20mm carbon fiber tube.

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